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Dror Helper
Jul 24, 2014
Designing with Tests talk at IASA
Last week I had the pleasure of presenting at the local IASA (International Association of  Software Architects). I talked about how to use unit tests to design software and the role of the archi ...
Igal Tabachnik
Jul 16, 2014
How to debug anything with Visual Studio and JetBrains dotPeek v1.2!
Sometimes, we wish we could just step into some 3rd party library, to figure out how it works, but we either don’t have the source code, or otherwise just can’t. Fortunately, this is made possible by ...
Pavel Yosifovich
Jul 12, 2014
Data Binding for a WPF TreeView
Although the Windows Runtime (WinRT) is all the hype these days (in the Microsoft world at least), WPF is still in heavy use in the “desktop apps” space. To me, WPF is the inspiration for everything X ...
Igal Tabachnik
Jul 07, 2014
How I Improved Sharing My Blog Posts On Twitter With This One Simple Trick!
(I’m so sorry for writing this title! They made me do it, I swear! I won’t ever do it again!) I came across a wonderful blog post the other day, titled Cassandra vs MongoDB vs CouchDB vs Redis vs Riak ...
Shay Friedman
Jul 07, 2014
Code Snippet: Find an Element in Page By its Angular Scope ID
Recently I was working on one of my projects and ran into a very illusive scope - I needed to know to which element it belonged but just couldn't find it on through the Elements Panel. So I wrote a sm ...
Tamir Dresher
Jul 03, 2014
Slides and Demos from ILTAM Session–02/07/2014
Yesterday I gave a lecture at ILTAM group on the possibilities we have for managing our data in the cloud age. We compared between AWS and Azure and discussed what option fits which scenario You can f ...
Alon Fliess
Jun 30, 2014
OzCode Release 1.0 is here
After a vast investment and hard work, we are more than proud to release OzCode Version 1.0. OzCode is an innovative debugging Visual Studio extension. Once you start debugging with OzCode you will no ...
Dror Helper
Jun 30, 2014
TDD != Unit Tests (and vise versa)
It’s been a busy week that started somewhere three months ago and I’ve missed most of the whole “TDD is dead” argument. I finally had some time to sit and watch the discussions on the topic between K ...
Igal Tabachnik
Jun 29, 2014
Migrating from TFS to git to Visual Studio Online–the survival guide
This is a step-by-step recount of my attempt to migrate an existing 3-year old TFS (TFVC) repository to git, while keeping all the history, and then moving it to Visual Studio Online, a TFS in the clo ...
Dror Helper
Jun 26, 2014
My DevGeekWeek sessions
I’ve had fun today at DevGeekWeek where I got to talk about writing clean code and unit testing best practices. I’d like to thank the participants of today’s seminar – you were a great audience and I ...